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It is interesting to know that email marketing works for any business. Any business that explores the use of email marketing service will definitely see great results. Email marketing is a profitable marketing tool. You can slip into a customer’s inbox as a friend. This helps you bond relationship with your customers and make you earn their loyalty to your brand and business. Why is email marketing so powerful? You can generate quality leads online for your business. This is important in the leverage. There is difference between email marketing and social media marketing. Promote your business here.  

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a tool that lets us do two things
  • Provide value to users with some form of content.
  • Direct each user through each step of the customer journey sale funnel when they get started.
Email marketing has been the most underrated marketing channel. Everyone has an email right? Your business can automatically change when you decide to add email marketing as a tool for your business.

Why email marketing is important

Email marketing has great benefits that you may never have been aware of. I have listed out three benefits email marketing a can do for your business:
  • You get to capture your customer. It helps you to have direct contact with your customers. This helps you to have a direct line of communication.
  • Automate your business in the marketing effort.
You have direct line of communication with your customers.
  • Maximize profit through repeat customer.
  • Investment into your business.

What business can you use email marketing for?

  • Schools/ institutions
  • Banks
  • Shops/stores
  • Eatery / fast-food
  • Companies
  • Firms
  • organisation
  • E-commerce business
  • Drop-shipping etc.

Email marketing can work for any business.

Amazingly, emails have been around as long as the internet itself. As a business person, you need to find out where your customers spend more time.  There are countless ways to connect with your customers online outside of Facebook and Instagram. Email is personal and private. Sending emails to your customers inbox makes it a perfect place to have a constant one on one relationship with them. There is no other online platform that allows you to have contact directly with your customers without running adverts that you have to pay for except email marketing.

Three Differences Between Facebook Ads and Instagram Marketing

Looking closely at Facebook ads and email marketing, I found some differences that exist between these two marketing channels:  
  • The difference between Facebook marketing and email marketing is when you want to get in touch with your customers on Facebook, you have to pay but email marketing is free.
  • Email marketing services for new store usually have a free plan. You don’t have to pay until you have built a big customer base. Not only is email marketing free, it get you more space to talk with your customers while in Facebook ad, you are limited in what you can send and it does allow you to connect with your audience.
  • Emails allows you a personalized experience with your customers. You have the chance to also share your content in your emails when you send emails to your customers.
  • It has a huge advantage over Facebook in where your customers see your message. When running a Facebook ad, one of the challenges is communicating your message genuinely. No matter the placement, it will be leveled as an advert. Emails are sent directly to customers’ inbox .

What is an Email campaign?

An email campaign is the message that you share through a bulk email to your store’s contacts. Have you ever signed up to mailing list? That is a exactly what email campaign is.         

 There are different types of campaign you can create to send to your customers:

  • Welcome emails: Why welcome email? Welcome emails have good percentage of open rate.  Your welcome email grants you the opportunity to share your brands and service to your audience. In your welcome emails you can always add a discount chance for your customers develop interest in what you want to sell. This helps you engage
  • Abandoned check out emails: This are customers who have shown they want your product but need a little push. You can remind them over time to commit them after a long time that they indicated interest.  To build the effectives of your emails more, you can add emojis in your subject line to increase their open click through rates. This help catch your customers attention and
  • Automatic thank you emails. A thank you email will allow you to strengthen a personal connection with your customer. Customers are 10 times more likely to be revenue generators when they have highly personal experiences with your business. It will help commit them to return to purchase from you again and again. How do you write a thank you email? Its nothing difficult, keep it short and simple and make your email real like you really appreciated their patronage.

 Some Service Providers

In email marketing, you own your list. You have to use an email software service to achieve. When you have a list of subscribers . When you get started in email marketing, you need to have a service provider. There are different service providers: All these service providers have the basic functionality of generating leads, connecting and setting up an autoresponder and send out email to you entire list. No matter what platform you decide to go with, if you have built and email list, you can always export your list as  CV file  which means you can take all of your contacts and add to your list.

How do you start an email list:

  • Pick a provider
  • Create a list: this is going to be your list. You need to set up an email list.
  • Generate leads to grow a list. Leads  will help you grow your list
  • Setup an autoresponder:  this is the functionality of email marketing. This allows you to set up automated emails to go out when people subscribe to your emails. You use your lead magnet to get emails from emails to
  • Start sending broadcast emails. This allow you to send one email to your email list. Although this may take time but you have to start from somewhere.
If you don t use email marketing, your business is losing money.

How to get started with email marketing:

  • Create a lead magnet: this is going to be something you deliver to people who are ready to give you their emails. You can start by giving a free e-book. It can come with a headline and a video. Your lead magnet is what entices people to drop their emails with you.
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